Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson answer: What makes a great ‘Dame?’

SAN DIEGO – Robert Rodriguez' movies tend to have a lot of gunfire, conspiracy, gritty language… and dames. “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For” may be even more dame-centric, with Eva Green playing its namesake. But don't count co-stars Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson out for dame know-how.

Speaking to HitFix from Comic-Con, Dawson explained that a great dame is “someone who is totally completely in their body and their mind and their power.”

“You could be the sweetest, the nicest [person], or you could be a complete jerk. If you're just really in yourself, in your person, that's what's really remarkable, 'cause so many people are trying to please someone else or trying to figure themselves. That lack of confidence just makes you invisible,” she said. “When someone just strides into a room… that's a dame to kill for.”

With the aforementioned elements, Dawson also conceded that their dames, Green's dames and the whole rest of the “Sin City” world isn't for every movie-viewing audience. By its definition, the Frank Miller co-directed genre flick is exclusionary… for kids.

“I like something that has a perspective that's not trying to please everybody,” said Dawson, who took up the role of Gail for the August release. “This is super specific, that isn't for everyone. Especially not for children.”

Alba returns as Nancy, who also damed-up the first 2005 film. She said, “You feel transported into this world. It's not anything like your day-to-day, so you really get to feel that escape.”

Watch the full interview with Alba and Dawson above.

“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” hits theaters on Aug. 22.