Jessica Alba looking to sneak a peek behind Blumhouse’s ‘The Veil’

(CBR) Jessica Alba might be sticking around the Blumhouse. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is circling the role of documentary filmmaker in “The Veil”, alongside Thomas Jane. She worked with the micro-budget producers recently on “Stretch”.

Alba”s character films the lone survivor or a religious cult called Heaven”s Veil who returns to the site of their mass suicide. While recounting what happened to her when she was 5 years old, the now-grown survivor, Alba and their crew discover the truth might be even scarier than they originally thought.

The film is directed by Phil Joanou who helmed “Gridiron Gang” and the “Punisher: Dirty Laundry” film with a script by Robert Ben Garant (“Reno 911”, “Night at the Museum”). “The Veil” is expected to start shooting in April.