‘Jessica Jones’ Is Set To Take Care Of Unfinished Business In This Rocking Season 2 Teaser

Jessica Jones returns to solo adventure life with a brand new teaser for season 2 and she’s got a rollicking ’70s arena-rock classic backing her up. Geez, it’s been too long between these things, hasn’t it?

As is the case with a lot of Marvel properties, this is the sort of peek that will be picked apart for months trying to analyze every single easter egg, clue or menacing background thing. Jones (who is downright channeled by series star Krysten Ritter) puts her detective skills to use, finds time to be around sweet action sequences and there’s a standard dash of Jones expressing exhaustion with how folks interact with her. Oh! Also there’s a bit where we see Jessica Jones appearing to get cuffed.

“Everyone has secrets,” explains our hero with camera clutched in hand. “If not their own, then someone else’s.”

Season 2 of Jessica Jones debuts on March 8, 2017. Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss and Eka Darville will be reprising their roles in the second go-around of the Marvel streaming series which comes with 13 episodes to savor or binge through. (We’re not here to judge.) This initial tease is a bit more cheery than what we ultimately received in the first version, but there’s no reason to believe S1’s balance will disappear once we arrive at the March premiere.