A New ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Featurette Teases The Arrival Of Another Superhero

Despite the fact that Netflix has canceled all of its Marvel shows, the third and final season of Jessica Jones is set to stream Friday, June 14th. To commemorate the occasion, the streaming giant released a new featurette concerning star Krysten Ritter’s time in the director’s chair on one of the new season’s episodes. All of the video’s three-minute length is devoted to Ritter’s directorial debut — as it should be — but it also hints at the long-teased arrival of yet another Marvel superhero: Hellcat.

According to Ritter, the episode she’s directing is “following the point of view of Trish.” As a result, she and her crew “get to really delve deeper into her character and her motivation.” While these brief explanatory snippets are playing in voiceover, however, the video itself is teasing sequences in which Rachael Taylor’s character is rigorously training for something. We have no idea what that is, but considering the subsequent shots featuring her dressed in an all-black outfit at night, it probably has something to do with vigilantism.

In the comics, Patricia Walker got her start as a young model and actress whose mother, a comic book writer, used her name and likeness to create a hugely popular character and series. Despite the fame this afforded her, however, “Patsy” wanted more, and thanks to X-Men member Beast and the Avengers, was ultimately given the chance to become the real-life superhero Hellcat. Meanwhile, Jessica Jones‘ incarnation of Walker drops the modeling and acting career for a life of a celebrity radio journalist.

Or, at least that was until the end of season two, when Trish gets involved with Dr. Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie), the man who toyed with Jessica and her mother’s genetics in order to save them following a horrific car accident. This is how Jessica ultimately got her powers (and how her mother got her mental instabilities), so Trish figures it’s worth a shot. Jones manages to stop the procedure, but by the end of the season finale, it appears as if Trish has gained some rather quick reflexes and other physical abilities.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Taylor’s version of Walker will become the Hellcat that comic book fans know and love. Then again, considering the clues left by season two’s end and the latest featurette from Netflix, it looks like she’ll be transforming into something formidable. We’ll all find out on June 14th.