A New Look At ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two Could Spell Trouble For Our Favorite Defender

Try as she may to keep her head down, Jessica Jones just isn’t great at avoiding trouble. In the first season of Jessica Jones and in The Defenders, Jones always ends up leaping into the midst of the conflict against her better judgment, and in a new look at the second season of the Netflix series, that’s going to feature Jessica in chains.

Star Krysten Ritter posted the new still to her Instagram account with a cheeky “Uh oh???!” caption, and it looks like the snarkiest Defender has found herself on the wrong side of the law. From the looks of things, some foolish cops clearly thought that the standard handcuffs would work, but Jones clearly made quick work of her shackles.

Some photos were released last summer that showed Jones and Trish (Rachel Taylor) in a scuffle with the police, but the context for the situation is still unclear. However, if Jones is truly headed to jail, this could be an opportunity for Marvel to tie in one of the more recent storylines from Brian Michael Bendis’s comics run. Could Jessica be on her way to The Cellar, a prison built to keep the world’s most powerful supervillains contained?

We’ll just have to wait and see how Jones will strong arm her way out of this dicey situation when the new season drops on March 8th. It can’t come soon enough.