A ‘Walking Dead’ Star Looks Unrecognizable Following His Exit From The Show

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Tom Payne departed The Walking Dead halfway through season nine when Jesus is killed by a human pretending to be a walker. (That sentence makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t watch the show.) The actor later admitted that he was “very frustrated” with his role on the series. “I spent a long time hoping my character was going to have more to do. I was happy to have a great beginning, a great bit [in the middle with Lennie James’ Morgan], and then a really great ending. That’s enough for me. I’m happy it rounded off in a fun way, with a great impact on the story,” he said. “But at the same time, I’m ready to move on.”

He was also ready to move on from his long hair and beard. Then:

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Jesus has left the building 😆🤘🏻

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And now:

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