With ‘Suicide Squad’ #4 cover, Jim Lee outs himself as a ‘Howard Stern’ superfan

08.11.16 2 years ago

As an ardent listener of The Howard Stern Show, I'm inevitably tickled when a celebrity uses a public forum to log his/her devotion, as Sarah Silverman did in high style at the Democratic National Convention last month. While I'd known for a long time that Silverman was a fan, it was nevertheless gratifying to hear her drop a “Baba Booey” on such a big stage.

Which brings me to Jim Lee, the phenomenally successful comic book artist who's currently penciling several issues of the new ongoing Suicide Squad series for DC. Last week on Instagram, the Harvey Award-winning icon made his bona fides known when he posted a preview of the cover for issue #4, which shows Harley Quinn in a shirt that boasts a Stern Show in-joke in bold lettering right across the front:


A photo posted by Jim Lee (@jimleeart) on Jul 29, 2016 at 6:02pm PDT


For the uninitiated, “Hit 'em with the Hein” is a catchphrase recently coined by Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan in reference to Jon Hein, the Wrap-Up Show host who isn't exactly thrilled at the way it's caught on. To his apparent chagrin, a number of Stern Show fans both celebrity and non- have embraced the phrase in a big way, with everyone from an anchor on the MLB network to a Long Island eatery paying tribute. Now we can officially add Jim Lee to the list of those who have come out to champion the term, which seems destined to join “Baba Booey” and “Hey now” as a way for Stern listeners to communicate their fandom in a catchy (some might say annoying) manner.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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