Jimmy Kimmel Has Now Tied The United Fiasco To His Feud With Matt Damon

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Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, they of the never ending feud that has lasted almost a decade now, are probably never going to make peace at this point. On the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel takes the time out of his show to introduce a new clip from United with “celebrity spokesman” Damon, who understandably is not the best candidate for this particular job after the recent scandal and considering his feelings about being “bumped” from things.

When Kimmel is introducing the commercial, there are still many directions the joke could take before the clip actually starts rolling. Once Damon starts speaking, it’s pretty obvious what’s about to happen yet the actor remains calm for the first part of the faux commercial. That only lasts a few seconds though, and then he gives the audience what they want by veering into a rant all about how he’s used to getting bumped and can’t take it anymore. After all, people who get unceremoniously bumped from things — whether that is a plane or a talk show — are “still people damn it” and “deserve to be treated with dignity.”

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