Bad Robot gives the finger to aerial “leaks” with “Episode VII” Millennium Falcon video

If you were online last week, you probably saw photos of the Millennium Falcon floating around. Taken “accidentally” during a fly-over – and then later less “accidentally” with a drone – blurry shots of the iconic ship spread faster through the galaxy than a Killik hive. 

JJ Abrams wasn't about to stand for that. If anyone was going to leak footage of the Millennium Falcon, it was going to be him, dammit! So that's what he did. He even upped the ante with an impressive Easter egg clinging to the underside of the hull. That's no moon…

Assuming Daisy Ridley – or any of the younger cast members – is the child of Han and Leia, on a scale of one to ten how embarrassed is she by her parents still cruising around in this “hunka junk?” Think about it, the Millennium Falcon is the equivalent of your dad still driving his 1960 El Camino because it has sentimental value. He met your mother while driving this car! Hell, you might have been conceived in it!

[Via ComicBook]