Joe Buck Describes The Living Hell He Endured While Dealing With His Hair-Plug Mishap

If you’ve forgotten, Joe Buck admitted that he had a pretty heavy addiction to hair plugs back in October ahead of his book release. It’s been a topic of conversation on the promotion tour for the book, including some revelations about the loss of his voice after the procedure and the apparent living hell he went through in the aftermath. He’s almost like an anti-drug PSA brought to life, except it’s hairplugs and bad luck at the center and not drug abuse.

When you read the headline about his hair-plugs causing his voice loss, your first thought is that the plugs somehow got rejected by his body and it turned against him like some bad science experiment. Instead it has to do more with the anesthesia he used for the procedure and the tube in his throat that pressed against his vocal cords. One little mistake in the operating room — for a cosmetic procedure no less — managed to put Buck’s career on the line. Toss in a divorce at the same time and all of those people calling for him to step down from the World Series and you can understand why the guy would be chomping on anti-depressants like candy.

Buck says he sought advice in the oddest of places during his nine-month recovery, deciding to ask Matthew McConaughey about hair-plugs during a conversation. McConaughey’s answer is like something ripped from the mind of Wooderson in Dazed And Confused and placed right on Buck’s lap for late night fun.

“What you’re saying Buckaroo is you fixed your video, but you screwed up your audio.”

They make some jokes about McCounaughey driving away and Lincoln, but I would rather see him go back and relive True Detective again. That’s the guy you want talking to Joe Buck after the worst period of his life, a drunken and misanthropic Rust Cohle.

(Via Team Coco)