Joe Manganiello to star as Deathstroke in next Batman movie

When Ben “Batman” Affleck posted a cryptic video of someone who looked eerily like Deathstroke on his Twitter page earlier this month, the rumor mill went into overdrive.

Was this Deathstroke? If so, was he going to be in the next Batman movie? And if all of this were set to happen, who would play the supervillain? Well, now we know the answers to all three questions, and it”s good news all around.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Joe Manganiello (True Blood) will play Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman solo film, which Affleck is directing and co-writing. The story goes on to say that the movie will likely be in theaters in 2018.

This is not Manganiello”s first turn as a bad guy in a superhero movie. He starred as Flash Thompson, the high school bully, in the 2002 version of Spider-Man. He also reprised the role in a cameo in Spider-Man 3.