Guess what Joel Kinnaman’s first words were in the ‘RoboCop’ suit

Joel Kinnaman had a very festive reaction to seeing himself for the first time in the “Robocop” suit.

We cannot reprint it here.

But watch the video above for more from “The Killing” actor, who describes the effects on his armor.

“It was demanding wearing the suit, but also the leway into the psyche of Alex Murphy,” Kinnaman told HitFix of his “vulnerable” character.

Being a big fan of the original 1987 film, Kinnaman didn’t even want to be part of this remake at first. “My initial reaction… was ‘I might see it in theaters, but I don’t think it’s right for me,” he said, though the involvement of director Jose Padilha changed his mind. He also loved working with Jackie Earle Haley. “I was blown away.”

Check out the rest of our interview above. “RoboCop” hits theaters on Wednesday (Feb. 12).