John Boyega geeks out in ‘Force Awakens’ behind-the-scenes featurette

What would you do if you could hang out next to the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo? Would you start shaking with excitement and ask Harrison Ford to sign your Han Solo doll? 

If so, then you have a lot in common with John Boyega. According to this “Force Awakens” featurette, which debuted over the weekend at Comic Con Brazil, Boyega was like a kid in a candy store on the set of the upcoming film, staring at the Millennium Falcon on set able to say little more than “oh my gosh” before noting that his hands are shaking. Later on, he offers up a large doll of Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear for Ford to sign.

Oh, and Mark Hamill actually makes an appearance! But there's no movie footage of him … maybe (his interview does start immediately after that shot of a mysterious figure touching R2-D2 with what appears to be a mechanical hand. Hmmm … ).