John C. Reilly is the airline passenger from hell in new ‘Check It Out!’ Season 3 clip

As anyone who's ever been through an airport security line knows, it's a sink-or-swim environment that can leave you frazzled, frustrated and more than a little perturbed at the state of humanity in general. Also, ever get behind a person who just can't seem to get it together? Think about one of those experiences times a hundred, then times that by another hundred, and you get Dr. Steve Brule going through a metal detector.

That's right, everybody, “Check It Out!” is back for Season 3 on Adult Swim, and in the premiere episode John C. Reilly's socially-awkward explorer charts the perilous world of air travel, with predictably disastrous results. Check out two new clips from tonight's season premiere below, the latter of which will definitely make you think twice before ever using a tray table ever again.

“Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule” debuts tonight at 12:30am on Adult Swim.

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