Johnny Depp plays guitar at Marilyn Manson’s Halloween show, continues to win at life

Johnny Depp! Where will he turn up next.

The “Transcendence” star took the stage at longtime friend Marilyn Manson's Halloween show in Los Angeles on Friday night, playing guitar on a rendition of the rocker's 1996 goth-kid anthem “The Beautiful People.” The shirtless guy? That's Die Antwoord rapper Ninja, who is a lot of fun at parties.

Man, I love this song. Try it on the treadmill! Scowling burns extra calories.

Depp and Manson previously teamed up for a 2012 cover of Carly Simon's “You're So Vain.” Manson's as-yet-untitled ninth studio album is expected for release sometime next year.

Watch video of the performance below, and listen to Manson's new song “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” further down.