Jon Cryer on ‘Two and a Half Men’ gay wedding controversy: It ‘surprised us’

Jon Cryer on “Two and a Half Men” gay marriage controversy: “Hopefully we haven't done something too terrible in taste”
“For us it was just a fun, silly idea that some people were taking kind of seriously, so that sort of surprised us,” says Cryer of the plan for Alan to marry Ashton Kutcher”s character. “But at the same time I understand. This is a time when our nation is changing so much. And let's remember, same-sex adoption is still illegal in some states so I can see why people would be nervous about it. And as long as the fight is still being fought they have a right to be sensitive about it.” PLUS: Jon Cryer recalls when Charlie Sheen began going crazy on “Men,” Sheen says “I just think it makes sense” for him to return to “Men,” Cryer recalls being labeled “The Show Killer,” and Conchata Ferrell recalls auditioning for Berta.

Eric Stonestreet fools his Twitter followers by linking to a fake story on “Modern Family”s” cancelation
The headline from Clickhole, which is affiliated with The Onion, reads: “Whoa: ABC Just Canceled ‘Modern Family” In Order To Teach People That Something You Love Can Be Taken From You With No Warning Whatsoever.”

“Lost” alum Jorge Garcia plans to chop off his signature long hair
Garcia, now 41 and a regular on “Hawaii Five-0,” says he”s going to cut his signature long hair so he can get “real suit-and-tie guy” roles. “I've had long hair for so long, I need to start feeling like a grown-up,” he says.

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“The Meredith Vieira Show” given a partial renewal for Season 2
NBC-owned stations has picked up the freshman talk show. Now it”s up to the non-NBC-owned stations to decide whether to order a Season 2.

World Series Game 7 was watched by 23.52M
That”s close to the 25.4 million who watched the last Game 7 three years ago.

Watch a supercut of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car ad parodies
“South Park,” Ellen and “SNL” weren”t the only ones to spoof the ubiquitous ads.

9 revelations from Amy Poehler”s book — her funniest “SNL” memories always involve Will Forte
In “Yes Please,” Poehler recalls she and Forte doodling penises during a sexual harrassment presentation.