Jon Hamm Was On A Dating Game Show With The Most 90s Hair Ever

04.04.14 5 Comments

If you lived through the 90s, chances are a little game show called 'The Big Date' lives in the periphery of your memory. If you someone missed out, too bad because it lived before the all-seeing eye of the Internet and doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. A rare feat indeed.

On the show, the host would have the contestant interrogate three prospective dates who were vying to take him or her out. It was an amoeba prototype for future reality shows like 'The Bachelor'. An eagled-eyed editor over at BuzzFeed recognized a familiar face in the hot seat. A young Jon Hamm, sporting what has to be the distillation of every bad hair mistake made by all of us between the years of 1990 and 1999. Prepare yourself.

Oh my God, I'm having flashbacks to spiral perms and the Rachel and bowl cuts and butterfly clips and I'm gonna pass out. That there was a time when THIS was the height of fashion is the reason aliens have thus far shunned our planet.

But it did make me wonder. What would Don Draper look like with this limp bowl cut? How much of his power derives from his perfectly slicked-back shark hair? The answer is…all of it. No one is gonna buy advertising from this guy.

Think you know someone who would benefit – re: look hilarious – with the Hamm cut? Save the transparency below to make your own 90s throwback!

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