4 terrible ways the media is treating Caitlyn Jenner like a woman: Jon Stewart’s perfect rant

06.03.15 4 years ago

Thank goodness the media is treating Caitlyn Jenner with the respect afforded to every other woman in America. Let Jon Stewart count the ways:

1. Fixating on her looks

“So sexy it hurts!”

2. Comparing her to other women

“Do you think Caitlyn is actually hotter than Kris?”

3. Reminding her she “has an expiration date”

“She looks good…especially for her age.”

4. Questioning whether she's hot in person

“I'm wondering how much of this is Photoshopped, how much of it is airbrushed.”

Watch the full segment below, and please also read Laverne Cox's thoughtful essay on the matter. Oh, and here's the trailer for Caitlyn's new E! series! We can't get enough of this.

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