Jonah Hill says he’d paint Martin Scorsese’s house if he was asked

BEVERLY HILLS – Jonah Hill loves Martin Scorsese. Not only did the master filmmaker guide him to his second Academy Award nomination for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but Hill was so eager to work with him he did it for scale. And considering “Wolf” had a budget of $100 million-plus, the actor might want to reconsider his representation.

Hill took a few minutes Monday during the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon to speak to the press about his Best Supporting Actor honor and he showered Scorsese with love.

“Martin Scorsese is my favorite filmmaker of all time,” Hill said. “‘Goodfellas’ is the movie that made me want to make movies. Money is never a concern [when you can work] with people like Martin Scorsese. I would paint his house if he asked me to.”

Frankly, we believe him.

Hill’s next new film is the highly anticipated “22 Jump Street” and he already has another project in the works with “Wolf” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Find out more about that movie, whether Hill saved the acceptance speech for his last nomination and more in the video embedded at the top of this post.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is still in theaters nationwide.