Jordan Peele: The horror genre’s unlikeliest new star

Jordan Peele, one half of the great comedy duo Key and Peele, has unexpectedly entered a new arena: the horror genre. In addition to his forthcoming fright flick Get Out — a “satirical” horror film starring Daniel Kaluuya, Catherine Keener and Alison Williams that Peele wrote and directed for Blumhouse — he's now been added to the cast of Abruptio, a horror effort in which the characters are “performed entirely with lifelike puppets,” according to the film's official Facebook page

Abruptio comes from the mind of writer-director Evan Marlowe, whose resume literally includes a short film entitled Brests of the Southern Wild (he's also helmed a couple features). It will also feature the talents of horror icons Robert Englund and Sid Haig, among others. Here's the logline:

A man discovers a sinister race of beings is manipulating mankind to cause chaos. He must uncover their plan before the explosive they've implanted in his neck detonates.

Peele has opened up about this love for the horror genre in previous interviews, telling Rotten Tomatoes last year: 

“I”m obsessed with the link between horror and comedy. I think they”re very close. They”re both about getting a very physical kind of reaction. It”s about tension and it”s about the release of tension.”

Abruptio is expected for release sometime in 2018.

(via Bloody Disgusting)