See Joseph Gordon-Levitt dressed as Yoda at the ‘Star Wars’ premiere

John Boyega, in his snazzy purple suit, was so close to winning best dressed at tonight”s outlandishly huge “Star Wars” premiere. So close, Boyega. But you were beat by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who came dressed as a certain diminutive Jedi Master.

Yup, JGL walked out onto the “Force Awakens” red carpet looking like Yoda.

Check out his green makeup, floppy ears, white bathrobe, and – bonus – Grinch pajamas below:

(Photo tweeted by Janine Lew.)

Much of Hollywood was invited to walk the massive red carpet a the “Force Awakens” premiere, but Gordon-Levitt was in attendance with a close connection to the franchise (and maybe one that”ll someday make him part of the franchise?? One can hope.). He starred in two films – “Brick” and “Looper” – directed by Rian Johnson, who is set to helm “Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

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