Watch: Julia Louis-Dreyfus on going ‘French-ish’ for ‘Planes’ and her aversion to serenades

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has one word to describe her voice performance in Disney’s “Planes”: “French-ish.”

Voicing the role of Quebec-bred racing plane Rochelle in the upcoming “Cars” spin-off, the “Veep” star told me she went less for authenticity than for a sense of fun when it came to crafting a French-Canadian accent for the part.

“I wanted to get a French feeling in there, and I think I did that,” she told me. “But then I took liberties because it is animation and I wanted to exaggerate certain words and vowels and so on for more of a comedic sense.”

So has she ever been serenaded outside a window, a la her character in the new film? Find out Louis-Dreyfus’ answer by clicking on the video above for the full interview.

“Planes” hits theaters on Friday.