‘Jurassic Park’ From The Velociraptors Perspective Proves Humans Are The Villains

It's been 21 years since 'Jurassic Park' burst onto the big screen and inspired a generation of kids to major in Archaeology only to be saddled with copious amounts of debt and few job prospects…thanks a lot Steven Spielberg. But we've been watching it wrong for years!

This isn't the story of how human hubris and greed coalesced into a perfect storm of velociraptor vengeance! It was the story of one leader's quest to get off that island and exact revenge on the man who tortured her sisters. The elusive man who kept them in a cage and would not tell them why. Clever Girl was the original Jack Shephard.

Artist Nekoama was able to see the writing on the wall, the story we all missed. From the Velociraptors' perspective, they were just trying to save these large, bumbling hairless mammals from their own stupidity. They were progressive enough to realize not ALL humans were as diabolical as budget Crocodile Dundee.

And for their efforts, we let them all die. We're monsters.

Image By: Nekoama

Image By: Nekoama

Image By: Nekoama

All these years people blamed poor Phil Tippett for allowing the Velociraptors to run amok on the compound when really, he was a hero. It's not his fault no one else on set spoke dinosaur. Why didn't Amblin Entertainment hire a translator? WHY?!

Image Credit: Universal Pictures