‘Jurassic World’ trailer for the trailer is here and you’re totally gonna watch it


This Thanksgiving, “Jurassic World” is betting you care more about dinosaurs than football. I”ll take that bet.

On November 27, the first trailer for the long anticipated sequel starring Chris Pratt arrives on your computer. How do we know? They released a trailer for the trailer because marketing to fandom is a snake eating its own tail.

A few things to note: the tour now appears to be on a monorail (What”s it called? MONORAIL!), the Compsognathuses (Compsognathuii??) that run in herds now do so among safari like caravans, and you can get up close and personal to sauropods in fancy, high-tech self-driving bubble cars. 

You guys excited? Or annoyed by this new trend of “trailers for trailers”??

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