The Latest ‘Justice League’ Rumor Hints That Joss Whedon’s Changes Are More Extensive Than Just A Change In Tone

There has been a lot to come out about the involvement of Joss Whedon in Justice League over the past week. Ben Affleck spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the “unique visions” both Whedon and Zack Snyder brought to the production and it was noted that recent reshoots were bringing about a change in tone for some of the movie, particularly with the character Cyborg. But now a new rumor is spreading online that indicates there’s more than just tone being shifted in the film.

Whedon came on to replace to Snyder after the director decided to step away due to the tragic death of his daughter. The Avengers director had been involved in the film and was convinced to take over by Snyder once the decision had been made. But the latest rumor seems to indicate that Whedon was brought on to “lighten” Justice League and to redo the ending that was originally planned under Snyder.

According to ScreenRant, Batman On Film‘s Bill Ramey was told by a “well-placed” source that Snyder’s version of the film was “unwatchable” and the current reshoots, tone changes, and shifts are part of that. It was echoed by SlashFilm’s Peter Sciretta, who noted that Wheedon would be shifting the ending of the film away from a cliffhanger based on the arrival of the villain Darkseid that would lead into the second film. Sciretta runs down the details of the original plan, where Steppenwolf is the lead-in to Darkseid and plays the “Silver Surfer” role to Darkseid’s “Galactus.” None of this is too mindblowing considering it was teased in Batman V Superman, but it is an indication that the studio could be changing direction from its original vision.

The issue with this rumor isn’t that changes are happening to Snyder’s film or that the studio wants to adjust the film’s tone. That was always expected before Snyder’s departure and Whedon’s involvement drove that home. But but it does seem to be negative for Snyder, especially by calling his version of the film “unwatchable”

This sounds similar to the criticism that was levied at Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman before its release, calling that production a “mess.” Not only did that turn out to be false considering the critical and box office success, but it also was another rumor attributed to sources inside Warner Bros. with knowledge of the production.

While the Justice League rumor could indeed be true or at least features enough truth to support it, there’s still that similar line to the Jenkins rumor that casts doubt. That said, changing the ending, changing the tone, and re-shooting scenes are normal, especially for such a big production.

(Via CBR / ScreenRant / SlashFilm / Comic Book)