The First Reactions To The ‘Justice League’ Early Screening Have Arrived

Justice League opens in seven days, but some lucky so-and-so’s snagged seats at an early screening. The social media embargo lifted this afternoon, so these critics were finally able to share some early reactions on Twitter, with that new 280-character limit giving them more room to dish details.

It wasn’t all positive (we’ll get to that), but one opinion many people shared was that the team chemistry is great and the characters’ personalities are true to the comics. One character who especially garnered praise was The Flash (Ezra Miller), so expect Flashpoint to definitely move forward, possibly with another fan favorite helping Barry along the way.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman were also stand-outs, while CGI villain Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) seemed to underwhelm:

Some loved the tone of the film spoke of it as though it’s pressing a reset button on the DCEU.

People also referred to it as being a Zack Snyder movie, despite Joss Whedon’s reshoots:

Critics seemed to be of two minds about Superman Henry Cavill and his fancy invisible mustache.

And you will definitely want to wait for the final post-credits scene featuring Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, teasing his solo film opening October 5th, 2018.

And some people on Twitter saw an opportunity for some exquisite trolling:

*kisses fingertips* Magnificent.