‘Justice League’ Stars Want A Marvel And DC Crossover Movie

With Marvel landing a huge opening weekend for Thor: Ragnarok and Warner/DC’s Justice League tracking to make about the same amount of money ($120 million) in its opening weekend, superheroes are still big business and fans will continue the Marvel vs. DC feud. But could the feud ever be set aside for a Marvel/DC crossover movie? Most of the stars of Justice League would like to see that happen, as News Asia learned when they posed the question while interviewing most of the cast.

“I don’t own either company, but I think it would be great,” said Ben Affleck. Ray Fisher was also interested, but with a caveat: “I would love to see some of these characters fight one another, that would be really awesome to see, but you also want to make sure that you maintain your own style and integrity.”

Jason Momoa was the most animated in his response to the question. “I would love to be [in a crossover],” He said, adding, “Hell yeah! I mean like, [Chris] Hemsworth, I love him. It’s like, to be next to Thor, or to be next to the Hulk. […] ‘Oh, I’m going to take you out on the water and drown your ass.’ ”

Henry Cavill — who is also promoting Justice League for obvious reasons — had the most to say about Marvel/DC competition:

“I think the rivalry lives in the fans more so than it does in us. For all of us who are making these movies or I’m sure for the comic book artists and writers, there have been rivalries in the past but now it’s just about celebrating these characters, certainly for us. I mean, I’m sure when it comes to deep finances, when it comes to DC and Marvel there’s always going to be competition, yeah, but they need each other to survive, as well. If one goes down that means superheroes aren’t popular and you don’t want that because if one goes down the other goes down.”

Cavill also said he thinks there will be a crossover “once stories start to run out or people feel like they’ve seen it all before.” Don’t bet on it though. When we interviewed Marvel head Kevin Feige last year, he said a different but similar crossover — one between Marvel and Fox — was “an impossibility at this juncture,” explaining that Marvel already has “enough films to keep us busy for a number of lifetimes.”

(Via News Asia and We Got This Covered)