New ‘Justice League’ Video Shows Off Mera’s Superpowers

Justice League has been ramping up promotion before the release next month, with a new poster that cleverly references Superman as well as several TV spots mixing up most of the same clips from the latest trailer. But one of those videos gave us our closest look at Amber Heard’s Mera (the future queen of Atlantis) since Zack Snyder posted the first look at her from the set in Iceland.

The video announces that advance tickets are now available, but it also has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene of Mera using her superpowers to keep Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) at bay. The relevant part comes about 9 seconds into the video above, and it’s literally only 19 frames. (I counted them, because that’s what my life has become.) You can see Mera control the movement of water to create a protective wall. This scene is likely taking place during the part of the movie when Steppenwolf comes down to Atlantis to steal one of the macguffins– er, one of the mother boxes.

The only footage we’ve seen of Mera seems to be from this same underwater scene, so we may see very little of her until Aquaman opens. Considering Justice League is the shortest DCEU movie (with a run time of 2 hours), there’s only so many characters and scenes that can be shoved in there, and it’s probably for the best. All those characters can get confusing. You could almost forget the name of the movie…

OSWSMA opens November 17th, followed by Aquaman on its new release date, October 5th, 2018.

(Via Warner Bros. Pictures and Kate Leth)