A New ‘Justice League’ Clip Features Aquaman Rejecting Humanity (And Shirts)

Warner continues to release new clips from Justice League leading up to the opening this weekend. The first big-screen appearance of the united League is tracking to make $110 million to $120 million in its domestic opening weekend, which would put it on par with the opening weekends of Man of Steel [$116.6 million in 2013] and Thor: Ragnarok [$122.7 million earlier this month].

But getting the League to unite isn’t going to be portrayed as being easy for Batman. We’ve already seen a clip of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) introducing himself to Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and now we have a clip (above) of another conversation between Batman and an Aquaman who is reluctant to join the League and battle a purported alien invasion.

Momoa debuted the clip on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, hence the audience hooting in the background when Jason Momoa takes his shirt off. At least I think it was the audience. It may have been me involuntarily hooting about a shirtless Jason Momoa and blaming the noise on someone else. It is a mystery.

Warner also released a featurette about the team chemistry referenced by some of those early screening reactions.

(Via The Graham Norton Show, The Wrap, CBM, and /film)