Justin Bieber has a ‘Bad Day’ on new single

11.04.13 6 years ago

It turns out Justin Bieber”s newest song, “Bad Day,” is definitely an apt title. In case you”ve missed the lastest Biebs” news, in the last 72 hours, he was supposedly caught leaving a Brazilian brothel, then he was struck with a water bottle while performing in San Paulo, and then if that weren”t enough, Katy Perry surpassed him on Twitter to become the new queen of social media.

All that, however, is nothing compared to the pain he”s feeling in the lulling, mainly acoustic “Bad Day,” his fifth release in his #MusicMondays flight of putting out a new song every week.

As the visual below shows, there”s a gray cloud over Bieber and it”s because his lady walked away “like it was nothing, baby.” He couldn”t breathe because “you took away the biggest part of me,” he sings.

The song goes into a sweet falsetto about a minute in as he remains stunned that it was so easy for for her to walk away.

Throughout the tunes we”ve heard so far from Bieber”s diary, he”s taken responsibility for the breakup, but he”s also been decimated by it. And, like the other songs we”ve heard, “Bad Day” is a nice pop song, but there”s nothing so dynamic on it that it feels like required listening.

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