Justin Bieber likely to host revitalized ‘Punk’d’ on MTV

10.05.10 8 years ago

Justin Bieber will soon become even more of a fixture on MTV as a deal to revitalize “Punk”d,” with the Bieb as host, is in its final stages.

“Punk”d,” as you may recall, is the brainchild of Ashton Kutcher and his partner Jason Goldberg, and it featured celebrities getting pranked all captured on film… sort of like a modern day “Candid Camera.” The original went off the air in 2008 after running four years.

The new show, according to Deadline.com which broke the news, has been in discussions with Bieber as host since this summer, with a probable launch next year.

We contacted MTV, who issued a “no comment,” which, as you know, is not a denial, In  fact, from what we understand from our sources, in this case, it’s pretty close to a confirmation that this is happening.

Is it a good move for the Bieb?  Why not?  His fans will love his puckish little sense of humor and we bet all the pranks are G-rated and fairly good spirited. We living in the days where such a show does nothing to hurt his music career and everything to boost his Q rating. More as it develops.

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