Justin Bieber smiles even when his heart is breaking in ‘Believe’ clip: Watch

10.18.13 6 years ago 3 Comments

Justin Bieber doesn”t always feel like going on stage, alright people? In this clip from “Believe,” which is Bieber”s gift to the world on Christmas Day (Hey, God gave us Jesus, Bieber delivers his movie), he talks to some very sympathetic friends about how sometimes, it”s hard to gear up to perform in front of thousands of people who have paid their (or their parents”) hard-earned money to see you.

“I can be going through a big argument, ‘I”m about to go on stage right now, we”re young”,” he says, mimicking talking on the phone. “And then I got to go rise up on the toaster and it”s like I”m upset and I don”t want have to smile and put on a happy and be… sometimes you just gotta suck it up and that”s one of the things you have to deal with being in this world, in this industry,” he says. The toaster, by the way, is the springboard that catapults him onto stage. And it would appear that he may be talking about Selena Gomez in the clip.

While it”s tempting to play the world”s smallest violin for Bieber, I have always marveled that artists can be having the worst day and, if they”re professional, they have to suck it up and leave all of that off the stage and come out as if this is the moment they”ve wanted for all day and the only thing that matters.  And Bieber has had to learn that at a younger age than most.

The John Chu-directed “Believe” opens Dec. 25.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__vcCn-HIcM&w=640&h=480%5D


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