Justin Bieber writes new ‘Believe’ song about his paternity lawsuit

04.24.12 7 years ago

If Taylor Swift can write songs about relationships  she had with famous men, why can”t Justin Bieber write a song about a relationship he did not have with a now infamous woman?

Bieber, who, heretofore, has been almost preternaturally mature, is lashing out at Mariah Yeater, whom you will recall accused him last November of fathering her child. He maintained that the two never met. She filed legal action and then withdrew the suit.

Over the weekend, Bieber opened up what seemed to be a completely closed chapter in his life by tweeting about Yeater: “Dear Mariah Yeeter (sic)…we have never met…so from my heart, I just wanted to say…” (and then the link to Sasha Baron Cohen”s Borat character taunting “You will never get this…”  (Although at the end of Borat’s speech, the person does break into the animal”s cage and “get this…” hmmm).

Then, as reported by Billboard, Monday night Bieber confirmed to reporters in London that he has written a song about Yeater for “Believe,” which comes out June 19.  “There”s a song about that girl –Mariah Yeater–that said she was gonna have my baby….There are songs about things I”m going through. I wrote songs about different situations.”

However, the BBC reports that Bieber has recorded 40 songs for “Believe,” so no word on whether Yeater’s tune  will make the cut and go down in recorded history.

And speaking of Swift, she is one of his collaborators on “Believe,” as well as Drake, Kanye West, and Ludacris.


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