Katy Perry and Richard Simmons are the cutest VMAs couple ever

08.25.13 6 years ago

What do you get when you combine Katy Perry and Richard Simmons on the VMAs red carpet? Magic, that’s what.

The pop superstar and the excitable fitness guru met cute at the big awards show on Sunday evening, either before or after Perry donned a ridiculous diamond-encrusted grill promoting her new album “Roar.” Following, then, is a photo-by-photo commentary.

1) Katy Perry is wearing braces, what? But her teeth are perf-…Oh, wait, no, That’s wrong.

2) Because it is actually a super-fabulous grill encrusted with diamonds!! The grill says “ROAR,” because that is the name of her new album. Got it, so the message here is, “buy Katy Perry’s new album ‘Roar’ or Katy Perry will bite you.” Cool, totally on board with that.

3) Woah, Richard Simmons is here, and he is wearing Peter Pan leggings! Also, good for him for still wearing tank tops at age 65! What kind of animal is that on the tank top, anyway, a fish or a bird? Or is it a hybrid of both a fish and a bird? It is hard to tell, but anyway, Katy Perry is very amused, and they are even striking the exact same pose. How cute!

4) Now Richard Simmons is kissing Katy Perry’s hand, because he is a gentleman and also because he knows it’s a good photo-op. Katy Perry totally loves Richard Simmons, but she is also a little weirded out by him right now. But, hey, photo-op.

And there you have it, friends: Richard Simmons and Katy Perry have officially met, and we are all that much richer for the experience.

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