Kelly Clarkson returns to ‘American Idol,’ makes everyone cry

The American Idol final season reunion tour continued last night, with first season winner (and one of the most successful/famous finalists the show has ever produced) Kelly Clarkson returning as a guest judge and performer.

She sang “Piece by Piece” and, with the song being about the father of her children (a daughter and a son on the way) compared to her own father, with whom she has no relationship, you can imagine it's a bit emotional for her.

She managed to get through most of the song but started crying by the end. As did many people in the audience, including Keith Urban and possibly Jennifer Lopez. 

“I'm pregnant, it's nostalgic, and I can't believe it's the last season, and yeah, really sorry, I just bawled,” Clarkson told a dry-eyed Ryan Seacrest.

See if you can get through it without shedding a tear: