Watch: Kelly Clarkson’s new video for ‘Tie It Up’

With her own nuptials approaching, Kelly Clarkson clearly has weddings on her mind. In her video for “Tie It Up,” Clarkson performs in a barn during a wedding reception, as scenes from other weddings and happy brides and grooms roll.

The video for the country single features straight and gay couples, so we”ll see if she gets any push back from those who oppose same sex unions.

It”s a fluffy, fun song that may be a one-off as it doesn”t appear on her most recent greatest hits set and we haven”t heard word of a new album. Clarkson, who is getting ready to marry Reba McEntire”s step son (and artist manager), has already proven that she can have country hits via her duets with the likes of McEntire, Jason Aldean, and Vince Gill. Now we”ll see if she can have one on her own.

At the end, she catches the bouquet and winks in the camera. Sounds like she’s ready for her fall wedding.