Kesha on her ‘Rising Star’ expertise and on her ‘really fun’ new album

Each of the “experts” – Kesha, Brad Paisley, and Ludacris – brings a different proficiency to their role on “Rising Star,” ABC”s new talent competition, which bows June 22.

Kesha has already decided where she fits in. She will represent “girls that like to have a good time and the gay boys,” she told HitFix on Monday at a “Rising Star” open house. “I think I”m going to bring the people who don”t give a f**k.”

“Rising Star” will rely on the experts, and host/expert Josh Groban, to mentor the contestants, who then perform in front of a wall. As viewers at home vote on whether the contestant should go on to the next level, the wall will either rise -if they get enough votes- or stay down. While the experts will get to vote, the fate of the contestants is in the hands of the at-home viewers and the results will be immediately known. To be able to vote, viewers can download the free “Rising Star” app here.

Kesha will continue to work on her third album over the duration of the 10-week summer series and she”s not concerned that her mentoring duties will affect that process.  “I work on music in my sleep, I worked on it from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to bed, I don”t think it will be hard,” she says.

As far as how that third album will sound, Kesha was playing it pretty close to the vest, but that she”s done everything from cover Bob Dylan to record with The Flaming Lips (in an album that seems to have been shelved at least for the moment, according to the Lips” Wayne Coyne), it”s safe to say that she could surprise us all. And she”s counting on that.

The new album is “really fun and I love it,”she said. Declaring that the direction is “top secret,” she would allow that stylistically, fans shouldn”t be “too surprised if I come out with something kinda weird.”