Key & Peele: We were too busy on our show to film an Obamacare sketch with President Obama

Key & Peele: We were too busy on our show to film an Obamacare sketch with President Obama
“We had to turn him down,” says Jordan Peele. “We were making the season.” Adds Keegan-Michael Key: “We literally couldn”t fit it in to our schedules…So we actually had to relieve the president of his duties.”

Chris from “Everybody Hates Chris” joins “The Walking Dead”
Tyler James Williams, who”s almost 22 and who most recently starred on “Go On,” will play a character named Noah. No other details have been revealed.

Julie Chen on if we”ll get another “Big Brother: All-Stars”: “I don”t think so”
“I mean, look at the ratings for this past season – higher than last year, all new people,” she tells EW. “Look, we love the Will Kirbys, the Mike Boogies, and the Janelles, and they will always have a special spot in our hearts. And maybe they”ll make an appearance in some sort of stunt, but I think the beauty of this game is showing true fans who have never played it, who have played it just from their armchair at home, have a stab at it and realize, wow, I had no idea what I was in for. You keep the game more pure that way.” PLUS: Why “Big Brother 16” was the best season in years.

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ESPN suspends Sports Guy Bill Simmons after he called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a “liar” in a profane rant
Simmons on a podcast Monday dared ESPN to suspend him: “I really hope someone calls me or emails me and says I'm in trouble for anything I say about Roger Goodell. If one person says that to me, I'm going public. You leave me alone. The commissioner is a liar, and I get to talk about that on my podcast. Please, call me and say I'm in trouble, I dare you.”

Did “The Blacklist” revive interest in serialized shows?
Shows with self-contained episodes seem to be on the way out as new dramas and even sitcoms are embracing serialization.

Molly Shannon lands on “The Millers”
The “SNL” alum will guest as Margo Martindale”s nemesis.

Mariska Hargitay promises a return to the light after an “SVU” season of darkness
“To be in darkness and fear and all that that she went through and losing faith in humanity and then having, like, a miracle lobbed into your world, a light. It felt like a comet, really,” she says. “I think that having a child changes everything and will redefine her.” PLUS: Ranking Hargitay”s best “SVU” episodes, and 15 celebrities who appeared on “SVU,” from Sarah Hyland to Julie Bowen.

Kim Cattrall explains the differences between “Girls” and “Sex and the City “
“It's not as fantastical,” she says of Lena Dunham”s HBO comedy. “But we live in different times. (The recession of) 2008 was a real big game-changer for everybody, and I look at that show, and it represents what young women today are dealing with.”

Barry Pepper joins Cinemax frontier drama “Trail of Blood”
He”ll also executive produce the drama about a frontier preacher who”s teenage daughter is kidnapped by the nation”s first documented serial killers.

The Situation did plenty of things to avoid taxes that were perfectly legal
The Upshot explains why the “Jersey Shore” star and his brother got indicted for tax fraud: “They say that he and his brother engaged in a conspiracy to pay for personal items, including luxury vehicles, designer clothing and 'personal grooming expenses,' from the corporate entities, and to hide those purchases from their accountants.” PLUS: Why do so many reality stars have money problems?

“Grey”s Anatomy”s” Jesse Williams calls “angry black woman” controversy “boring”
“This person knows zero about Shonda Rhimes,” Williams says of NY Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley in an interview with Queen Latifah. “… She knows nothing about the person she”s writing about. What”s interesting and why I hesitate to even give this person any time or energy, is that it”s boring. It”s the same stuff over and over again. They”re not unique.”

Why Justin Lin directing 2 episodes bodes well for “True Detective” Season 2
The director who revived the “Fast and the Furious” should be perfect for the HBO series. PLUS: What about Keira Knightley for the female lead?

“F*ck ‘Two and a Half Men,” says Esquire
The October issue offers this farewell message to the hit CBS comedy: “F*ck 'Two and a Half Men.” F*ck everything about it. F*ck the men who are stupid and hollow and want to stay that way. F*ck the women who are whores or crones or cheerfully accepting wives or lunatic stalkers or whatever other hollow stereotype passes through the minds of its writers…”

Kathy Griffin: “Just 2 clarify. I have not contacted E! & they have not contacted me”
Griffin tweeted in reaction to recent reports linking her to replacing Joan Rivers.

Networks: Forget your DVRs – catch up instead on shows with Video on Demand
Networks would prefer you watch on VOD because, unlike with DVRs, you can”t skip the commercials.

Tony Goldwyn: “I disagree” with “Scandal” fans who call Fitz a terrible president
“You can say the president”s private life takes up so much of his time that he doesn't focus on his job, so therefore he's terrible,” he says. “But in my imagination, the 23 hours of the day that we don't experience, he's very hard at work. He's quite an effective and successful president-in my narcissistic imagination” – though he doesn”t agree with murdering a Supreme Court justice.

Here”s your 1st look at the Season 40 “SNL” writer”s room
Michael Che captured today”s table read, which was a first for Pete Davidson. PLUS: Here”s what Ben & Jerry”s “SNL” ice cream looks like, and Leslie Jones clarifies that she”s still an “SNL” writer.

How to approach a “Daily Show” interview – first of all, don”t do it!
But if you must agree to a “Daily Show” interview, and you don”t agree with Jon Stewart”s politics, here”s what to do to avoid being blindsided.

Why Michael J. Fox keeps trending on Twitter
For three days, Fox”s name on trending list has worried many Twitter users fearing he had died. Instead, it”s just an army of bad-joke Twitter bots using Fox”s name that is fueling his rise of the trending topics list.

Jeff Probst and his wife have a simple code they”d use if they competed on “Survivor”
One finger would mean, “I love this. Everything's going great.” And five fingers means “'I'm in trouble and I'm ready to go.”

Weather Channel orders “How Weather Created a Monster”
The educational series will join “Brainstormers” on the Weather Channel lineup next year. The Weather Channel has also renewed “Tornado Alley.”

“Nashville”: What to expect in Season 3
“The end of Season Two left a lot of relationships open,” says Jonathan Jackson. “We open up just smack in the middle of that drama.” PLUS: Connie Britton tries to collaborate with the writers, and how Hayden Panetierre is hiding her baby bump.

Has “Person of Interest” become the new “X-Files”?
As Todd VanDerWerff points out, “'Person of Interest' has become just as much a reflection of our current world as 'The X-Files' was of the conspiracy-laden times in which it lived. But where 'The X-Files' metaphorically took stock of all of the horrible things that had been done in the name of winning the Cold War, 'Person of Interest' looks at the War on Terror.”

“SNL” vet Jack Handey recalls Phil Hartman: “He could basically do it all”
“Phil was cool under fire,” Handey writes on what would have been Hartman”s 66th birthday. “I could go to him in the few minutes between dress and air, usually in the makeup room where they were applying a silly wig or prosthetic I had made him wear, and tell him that I had cut a page out of the script, that now he”d be saying this instead of that, that the chair would now break when he sat down on it, etc. He would calmly look over the changes and absorb them. I think he enjoyed the pressure.”

Eric Stonestreet brought bodyguards to protect him from Ellen”s pranks
The “Modern Family” star got pranked anyway, this time by a masked clown.

The “Lost” pilot still holds up 10 years later – it”s the most important network show of the past decade
“Lost,” says Andy Greenfield, “managed to be both the first series to demonstrate the potential of a broadcast network in the digital age and the last. Though it was stuffed with sci-fi nerdery and smothered in a thick Bolognese of strangeness, the show was a phenomenon from the moment it debuted (to an audience of 18.65 million) all the way up through that last walk into the light (13.57 million).”

Sarah Silverman on Stephen Colbert: “I think he”s so special and he”s got so much heart”
Colbert is one of the few comedians that Silverman loves, but her heroes are Phil Donahue and Mr. Rogers.

“The Goldbergs”” success has made getting things easier, including a “Back to the Future” hoverboard
But don”t expect any Beastie Boys tribute anytime soon. PLUS: “The Goldbergs” casts “Naked Rob,” here are 5 ’80s milestones to expect this year, and check out the ’80s David Spade.

How does 63-year-old Mark Harmon feel about being the world”s biggest TV star?
The “NCIS” star, who has been married to “Mork & Mindy”s” Pam Dawber for 27 years, actually shuns the spotlight. He”d rather concentrate on work. PLUS: Michael Weatherly dropped 35 pounds.

Even Dan Patrick can't save “Sports Jeopardy!” from becoming a borefest
The problem with the new Crackle game show, which debuts online today, is that the contestants are deadly dull. PLUS: Contestants were selected from a pool of more than 30,000 applicants.

How “Friends” influenced ’90s fashion
From Boho-Chic to the Satchel.

“Black-ish” is a landmark show – it”s specifically about race, yet universal to every culture
“This is not a TV program that pretends race and racism don't exist except in Very Special Episodes filled with teachable moments,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, “nor is it one that insists that they can be ignored or somehow overcome by working hard or whistling a merry tune; it insists instead that there's a whole continuum of discrimination and misunderstanding, that every band on the continuum has its own subtle gradations, and that subjectivity plays a huge part in the whole thing.” PLUS: The Black-ish is missing on “Black-ish,” it”s a good idea that”s disappointingly executed, the pilot is quite good because it tackles race head-on, a true bright spot in a bleak fall TV landscape, it”s serious and compelling yet fiercely funny, and how was “Black-ish” influenced by “The Cosby Show”?