Khal Drogo has been watching his Khaleesi from beyond the grave…aka, Instagram

After an excruciatingly long time dithering about Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) is finally back on track to get to Westeros. Kind of. Maybe. She”s at least collecting armies like tween me collected Pokemon and Beanie Babies. What she does with them remains to be seen. Her latest acquisition? The entirety of Dothraki society*. And one person couldn”t be prouder of her coup.

Khal Drogo.

*Of course, this just plays back into the Dany as a White Savior trope. But if Tyrion cleaning up her mess in Meereen is any indication, Dany will also spectacularly fail to change Dothraki culture into what she wants/thinks it should be.

Jason Momoa may have have ridden into the Night Lands as Khal Drogo (where he ascended to become Aquaman?), but Dany”s Sun and Stars still watches over the Moon of his life from beyond the grave. Though Instagram being the afterlife is kind of depressing? After the last episode of Game of Thrones – “Book of the Stranger” – Momoa gloated about his widow”s power:

This wasn”t the first time Momoa slipped back into character on social media. Just recently he showed his pride at Dany standing up to the Khal”s when she was captured and forced to endure the indignity of WALKING back to Vaes Dothrak.

Going back even further, Momoa cheered when Dany and Drogon finally got it together long enough to fly to safety.

Wherever she does and whatever foes she faces, the Mother of Dragons will always have her Khal cheering her from the sidelines. Even if she doesn”t know it.