Kings of Leon show off their royal offspring in new ‘Temple’ clip

Kings of Leon show off a Prince and a Princess of Leon in the Nashville-based rock band”s new clip for “Temple.”

Yep, the transition from rowdy road rockers to young dads is complete as we see the brothers (and cousin) playing the song in an empty bar with, appropriately enough, a neon Mechanical Bull sign behind them (that”s the name of the group”s current album), and little children and a dog running around.

Interspersed with the live footage is grainy, hand-held shots, most looking like they were filmed through a windshield, of various Nashville landmarks, including Ryman Auditorium, seedy Lower Broadway, and trestle over the Cumberland River.  Plus, the boys go shooting at birds on a wire.

It”s a perfectly satisfactory clip, but it”s a little neither here nor there -other than for super fans who will love seeing their very adorable tots.  It”s not such a scintillating live performance that it makes me want to go out and buy tickets to their current tour if I”m not already a convert (the teaser for the tour is below the video and that does make me want to go buy tickets), and there”s not enough of a back story in the rest to qualify as anything other than a nice travelogue for those who have visited Music City.