Kit Harington Is Joining The MCU With A Key Role In ‘The Eternals’

Helen Sloan for HBO

If you were wondering if Kit Harington would be okay post-Game of Thrones, you can now breathe easy. Among the avalanche of news coming out of the annual Disney’s D23 Expo — from the new trailer for The Mandalorian to first looks at the Scarlet Witch/Vision show to word that Jeff Goldblum is finally getting his own program — is this: The former Jon Snow is heading for Marvel with a key role in The Eternals.

Harington will join an already all-star line-up, among them Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Kumail Nanjiani and more in one of the MCU’s Phase 4 biggies, revolving around a clutch of ancient humans whose task it is to defend Earth. The film will also feature Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, who will be the super-franchise’s first deaf superhero.

What will Harington be doing? Why, he’ll essay the role of Dane Whitman, aka the third character to wield the name/persona of Black Knight, wielder of a powerful mystical sword. As Marvel-heads may know, Whitman/Black Knight is not technically a member of the Eternals squad, and it’s unclear how he’ll be shoehorned into the action. (He also has nothing to do with the comically amputated villain played by John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

Also of note: This means Eternals will be a bit of a Game of Thrones reunion. Already in the cast is Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark. Anyway, looks like Harington — who only months ago was mocking his unclear post-GoT future on SNL — can rest easy.