‘Krampus’ star Toni Collette: Meryl Streep is the most intimidating actor I’ve ever faced

Toni Collette fights off a lot of demons in Michael Dougherty's new Christmas horror movie “Krampus,” but she got the most face-to-face time with one of them in particular.

“I got pretty up close and personal with that demonic angel and her tongue,” Collette told me at the film's recent junket. “That's who I feel I got to know the best.”

The actress, whose “Krampus” husband Adam Scott officially confirmed her as the coolest of all co-stars whilst admitting to being somewhat terrified at the prospect of working with her, also told me which of her own past co-stars intimidated her the most. The answer: no less a powerhouse than three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep.

“I just had one scene with her in this film called 'Evening,'” said Collette. “I mean, I should not have been [intimidated]. It's just that she's so talented. But she's just the loveliest, oh my god, just so lovely.”

So what's her least-favorite holiday? Worst Christmas memory? Watch the full interview above and below.

“Krampus” is in theaters today.