Kristen Wiig’s 10 most hilarious non-‘SNL’ moments

The Oscar-nominated goddess Kristen Wiig stars in this weekend's new release “Welcome to Me,” about a woman who wins the lottery and uses her earnings to fund her own talk show. Perfect premise. Wouldn't you do the same?

To celebrate, let's pick Kristen's 10 greatest and funniest non-“SNL” moments. Unsurprisingly, there were dozens to choose from. 

1. Kristen and Bill Hader board the Starship in “Skeleton Twins”

Lip-syncing is now an industry, but Kristen and Bill Hader were ahead of the trend with this spirited, weird-ass rendition of “Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.”

2. That Golden Globe introduction with Will Ferrell

Kristen and Will Ferrell introduced the Best Actress, Drama nominees at the 2011 Golden Globes, and their improvised version of synopses was hilarious. (Seriously, who saw “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”?) Tommy Lee Jones' stony non-reaction makes it even better.

3. The “Bridesmaids” plane scene

Hard to pick a single best moment in “Bridesmaids,” but this confrontation with “Stove” is just astounding.

4. Khaleesi Wiig visits “The Tonight Show”

Clearly Kristen is a huge of “Game of Thrones” fan. Her take on Khaleesi proved she is the single most well-informed HBO watcher ever. We love you, Khaleesi! I mean, Karen!

5. Her triumphant Grammy performance with Sia

No one knew what Sia had planned for her Grammys performance this year, but Kristen's stunning, emotional cameo was more powerful than anything we predicted. That's actual choreography! Hard choreography! Bless this versatile wunderkind.

6. The barista scene in “MacGruber”

It took one Tazo tea and a few barked orders from MacGruber, but Kristen earned the biggest laugh in this sleeper gem.