‘Krypton’ Teases Life On Superman’s True Home In This Look At Syfy’s New Series

To this point, Krypton has seemed to be mostly one of those rumors you hear about but never quite happens, like Batman’s butler getting his own prequel series. But it looks like we’ll be getting a series following Superman’s grandpa, after all. And, on its own merits, it looks pretty fun!

Leaving aside the Superman connection, which is unlikely to add up to much since Seg-El, the nominal hero, is in his young twenties in this show, this brief teaser looks like they’re sticking with some of the more high fantasy aspects of Krypton. Over the years, we’ve learned that Superman’s home planet was a soulless rigid theocracy, ultimately killed by its own inability to accept the obvious since it disagreed with their own belief. Also Russell Crowe rode dragons, although we’re assuming they’ll skip that part.

Seg-El here is more concerned with his romance, with a woman from the rival house of Zod. If you’re getting a sense that this is high fantasy dressed up with some spaceships and ray guns, you’re on the right track. And, honestly, that’s probably what will make Krypton worth watching. We somehow lack a pulpy SF show with rockets and death rays on peak TV, and if that’s a niche Krypton wants to fill, it will likely find an audience.