A ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Mod Lets You Play As ‘Matt,’ Kylo Ren’s Undercover Boss From ‘SNL’

Entertainment Editor

Star Wars: Battlefront II saw an astonishing, and in some cases historic amount of controversy at its launch last fall. A pay to win loot box system, overly difficult class leveling, and a ridiculous amount of hoops to jump through just to play the name-brand Star Wars heroes you know and love left the game with low review scores and an infuriated fan base.

In the weeks and months following the official release, EA and Dice have recognized and attempted to rectify their mistakes, lowering the cost of unlocking heroes and removing the paid loot box system in general, but there’s still a bitter taste in the mouths of some diehards. But, thanks to a lone modder for the PC version of Battlefront II, the darkness growing in some Battlefront fans may be pushed back down since a new hero has emerged to do battle. ‘Matt,’ Kylo Ren’s Undercover Boss persona from Saturday Night Live, has been lovingly added to the game.

Here’s ‘Matt’ in action:

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