Watch: Lady Antebellum says goodbye to love in new video for ‘Goodbye Town’

Lady Antebellum, whose new album, “Golden,” is a lock to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, unveiled a video for the album”s second single, “Goodbye Town,” today.

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In sharp contrast to the goofy, fun clip for the album”s first single, “Downtown,” the video for mid-tempo ballad “Goodbye Town” is covered in sad, as Charles Kelley revisits his hometown where his first love said goodbye.

The video features vignettes of a young Kelley with his high school love (or so we assume since they are canoodling under the bleachers), a current-day Kelley walking the streets of said small town looking like someone just ate the last Girl Scout Thin Mint before he could get to it, and footage of the band playing the song live in a parking lot. Regardless of the scenario, the sky is grey with no silver lining in sight.

And to make it worse, now he”s hallucinating that he sees his lost love and it appears he has no wheels since he leaves his Goodbye town on foot in a steady jog. It”s a small town, but it”s still going to take awhile to reach the city limits if you have to hoof it.  We think he should have hitchhiked and she picked him up…

The clip fits the song well, and, even better, it goes for the full five minutes of the song because the last minute, which radio will likely edit down, features some of Kelley”s best singing we”ve heard.