Lady Gaga to carve up some holiday cheer in new Thanksgiving special

If you haven’t yet gotten enough of the ubiquitous Lady Gaga thus far in 2011, never fear – the pop singer and ABC have announced the airing of a new 90-minute special conceived, directed by and starring Mother Monster entitled “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”. The show, set to premiere on Thanksgiving night, will feature eight performances by the unstoppable artist, including a duet of “The Lady Is a Tramp” with Tony Bennett (off the crooner’s latest album “Duets II”) and a rendition of the holiday classic “White Christmas”. Other hits to be performed include “Marry the Night,” “You and I” and “The Edge of Glory”.

The audience will be made up of an assortment of Gaga’s close friends and family, likely including at least one insanely jealous cousin.

In the course of the special Gaga will also sit down with Katie Couric for A Very Gaga Interview at her Very Gaga Alma Mater, the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Manhattan, during which she will “open up about her relationships with family and friends and share heartfelt stories from her past”, among other important Gaga topics.

To top it all off, Oprah’s former personal chef Art Smith will stop by to help the attention-hungry star prepare A Very Gaga Dinner – including deep-fried turkey and waffles – for her Very Gaga Guests, all of whom will probably be drunk by that point.

“We all know Lady Gaga is a phenomenon,” said A Very Gaga Couric in a statement. “This is a chance to see more of who she is beneath the wild costumes and staged musical numbers… Lady Gaga as a high school student still bruised by being excluded from the party, Lady Gaga as a devoted daughter and caring sister, Lady Gaga as a 25-year-old woman embracing fame and fortune that seemed to come overnight. She will impress you, delight you and surprise you.”

I’m sure she will, Katie. I’m sure she will.

“A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” will air Nov. 24 at 9:30 PM, ET on ABC.

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