Lady Gaga’s new ‘G.U.Y.’ video is a ridiculous, ‘Real Housewives’-assisted spectacle

Lady Gaga has been working to reclaim her queen of pop throne after a rough 2013 and her new video for “G.U.Y.,” which premiered Saturday night (March 22), draws from real-life themes of feeling betrayed by her inner circle – plus a heavy dose of camp and pop culture. Watch it below.

The nearly 12-minute video actually features four songs, opening with a snippet of “Artpop” and “Venus,” then the complete version of “G.U.Y.” and, lastly, the entire track “MANiCURE” for the credits. All are from her new album “Artpop.”

The dramatic first shots depict Gaga face down in the dirt, surrounded by men in suits who walk away with her money, leaving her to struggle with an arrow through her heart and giant wings on her back. Gaga finds her way home – to Hearst Castle – where she is greeted by her monsters who treat her wounds with a soak in the mansion”s giant pool. 

The video jumps to various rooms in the castle, including a grand stairway where “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster and Carlton Gebbia play her backing band in matching pink outfits. When Gaga sends a prayer to “Himeros, the god of sexual desire,” the face of Bravo host and “Real Housewives” executive producer Andy Cohen peers out of the clouds in the sky.

There”s also a cameo from a zombie-like Michael Jackson impersonator and plenty of Donatella Versace-inspired fashion – in particular Gaga”s extremely long, white wig. By the end, Mother Monster seems fully recharged from a few sexy dance sequences and she sends the evil suits marching from the mansion.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's “G.U.Y.” video?