Larry David: The odds are against more ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ — ‘probably 6 to 1’

Larry David: “I guess the odds would be against” more “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – “probably 6 to 1”
Larry David tells Bill Simmons that he hasn”t given up on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but he says the “Seinfeld” finale “taught me a lesson that if I ever did another show, I wasn”t going to wrap it up.” When asked that it sounded like he wasn”t doing another season, David responded: “I guess the odds would be against it. I guess, right now, the odds would be against it, probably 6 to 1.” David also thinks too much time has passed since the last season. “Sometimes,” he says, “you”ve seen reunion shows on television and the actors look so much older than how you remember them in the show. And even though you can see that actor doing something else, once you put them back into that same environment with those other people, and they”ve all aged so much. It looks wrong. It seems wrong. Why are they doing this?” Still, David says he”s not ready to definitively end the series. “I”m still not prepared to say that I”m no doing it again, nor am I prepared to say that I am. So I don”t know,” he says.

Alex Trebek threatened to quit “Jeopardy!” over a whiny stage mom, hacked Sony e-mails reveal
A “visibly upset” contestant on “Jeopardy! Kids” stormed offstage when she wasn”t allowed to play Final Jeopardy,” prompting Trebek to threaten to quit. “If I”m making mistakes and saying things you don”t like, maybe it”s time for me to move on,” he wrote to producers. “It”s not a threat, but I want to let you know how I”m feeling.”

Coca-Cola dumps “American Idol”
The big Coke cups that have become a staple of “Idol” will be gone next season as Coca-Cola has decided to cut ties with the Fox reality show after 13 seasons.

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Kathie Lee Gifford: Bill Cosby tried to kiss me in the ’70s
Gifford said on “Today” she hoped the allegations weren”t true. But Gifford admitted that when she and her backup singers opened up for Cosby in the ’70s, “he did try to kiss me.” PLUS: 24-year-old accuser says she was sexually assaulted by Cosby at age 18.

Report: FX”s O.J. Simpson movie is trying to land Samuel L. Jackson and David Schwimmer
According to Roger Friedman, Schwimmer would play O.J. pal (and Kim”s dad) Robert Kardashian and Jackson would play Johnny Cochran in “American Crime Story.” If Schwimmer turns down the role, then there”s a chance that Tim Roth could play Kardashian.

“Jane the Virgin”s” ratings rise after Golden Globes nominations
About 1.3 million tuned in for Monday”s episode. As EW points out, “While 'Jane”s' ratings haven”t been close to a hit for the network, the nominations pretty much guarantee the well-reviewed series will see a second season.”

TBS orders Broken Lizard Gang comedy “Quality Time”
The series from the guys behind “Super Troopers” will focus on four college friends who have trouble growing up despite becoming parents in their 20s.

Stephen Colbert takes one last “Colbert Report” shot at Bill O”Reilly
Colbert and his “formidable” opponent Colbert debated O”Reilly on last night”s show. “Oh, I am going to miss that good man,” said Colbert.

“Vikings” returns Feb. 19
The History channel series will be back for a 10-episode 3rd season.

FCC gets complaints over Tom Brady's F-bombs on CBS
CBS showed the Patriots QB repeatedly saying the F-word during the Nov. 30 Patriots-Packers game.

Disney Channel sets the return of “Jessie”
Watch the promo for Season 4, premiering Jan. 9.

The Lonely Island sings about hustling on “Comedy Bang! Bang”
Watch the former “SNL”-ers perform on the final episode of the year.