Latest ‘Suicide Squad’ poster is literally candy-coated violence

So far this week, the superhero focus has been on Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. This makes sense as both films are the next big outing for their respective studios. But it”s time for something completely slightly different! David Ayer released the latest poster for Suicide Squad, and it”s pretty sweet…literally.

Image Credit: Twitter/Warner Bros.

I kind of love this? So far every poster for the Suicide Squad has spit in the eye of the grimdark footage dominating the trailers. They”ve been a psychedelic smorgasbord of neon colors and playful stylization. The kind of posters you”ll see on college dorm walls for the next decade. For this specific poster, my eye was immediately drawn to the deadly lollipop, but the entire thing appears to be made of candy. Specifically Jolly Ranchers or whatever off-brand hard candy exists in the Batverse.

Which is perfect. Those hard candies take in the unwary with their vivid colors. The naive fools think they”re getting a sweet treat, but surprise sucker! It”s sour candy! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Amanda Waller thinks she”s getting a rogue”s gallery of villains she can easily coerce. But surprise! They”re salty and about as easy to control as herding cats.

The Suicide Squad are the Jolly Ranchers of the Batverse.

Suicide Squad arrives in theater on August 5, 2016.